All US customers regardless of whether they are a first time or returning buyer on are eligible for Referral Rewards. We are offering 4 Rewards tiers, based on the number of successful referrals you make: 1, 3, 5 or 10. For a referral to be valid and count towards the below Reward tiers, each Referred Friend must place a qualifying order on (meeting the minimum cart total requirement of $15 prior to taxes and shipping) with the unique promo code they received from us over email.

At each tier: Refer 1 Friend, Refer 3 Friends, Refer 5 Friends, Refer 10 Friends we will send you, the Referrer, an email notifying you that you have qualified and providing instructions for how to redeem your reward. The email will contain a unique promo code to be used towards eligible product on the Rewards page at to be applied at Checkout to discount the eligible product(s) to $0. The promo code must be applied to redeem your Reward. Promo codes cannot be applied to orders placed prior to the Referral Credit. No exceptions or substitutions. Cart must include at least 1 paid item at checkout.

The Rewards tiers are as follows:

Refer 1 Friend: Get 1 free Reward product with your next purchase

Refer 3 Friends: Get 2 free Reward products with your next purchase

Refer 5 Friends: Get 3 free Reward products with your next purchase

Refer 10 Friends: Get 4 free Reward products with your next purchase

Please note that if you are eligible for 1 free Reward product and add a second Reward product to your cart that is of a lesser value, the discount will apply to the product of lesser value.

Some restrictions:

i. Rewards are only available to US customers at this time

ii. Rewards cannot be combined

iii. No substitutions no exceptions

iv. Rewards cannot be used to purchase gift cards

v. Only 1 promo code can be applied to an order

vi. The referrer and the friend cannot be the same person

vii. We reserve the right to disqualify on the basis of any suspicious activity