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What is the Best Brow Pencil?

Brow trends have become nothing short of an obsession, and we find ourselves long past the time when we abused them with DIY over-plucking. Currently, it’s all about big and bold—and filling in has become an essential practice. From pomade to microblade, there are many opinions about which techniques are best—but the easiest and most reliable makeup tool seems to be the eyebrow pencil. Haus Labs offers THE EDGE PRECISION EYEBROW PENCIL, formulated with micronized pigments, a micro-precision tip, and a built-in spoolie. It’s truly everything you need in a brow pencil.

What You’ll Learn:

What is an Eyebrow Pencil Used for?

Eyebrow pencils allow you to apply color to your eyebrows without committing to a permanent color, shape, or size. The pencil gives you freedom to create your looks based on mood or current hairstyle—whether that means matching your hair color or going for a bold contrast. Pencils do not require an angled brush, as pomades and gels do—they are an all-in-one, direct-to-eyebrow tool that lets you shape and define with small, natural-looking strokes. Haus Labs’ precision brow pencil is a perfect choice for beginners and experts alike; the creamy, breathable formula uses micronized pigments for even color distribution and payoff, the precision tip offers tiny, hairlike strokes, and the built-in, custom spoolie tames hair and smooths out harsh lines. It also comes in 13 brow-conditioning shades that set for all-day wear.

Should I Pencil in My Eyebrows?

Like most things, this answer depends on how you feel. If you find that your brows are too thin for your liking, whether natural or from chronic over-tweezing during the 90s, there are a number of ways to fill in your brows for more balance and definition. Few techniques and tools offer the hairlike precision of a pencil. Lots of makeup artists agree that pencils are the most essential brow product, especially because you can very easily control the intensity of the finished look.

Is an Eyebrow Pencil Bad for Eyebrows?

Sometimes. If you’re using a brow pencil that isn’t pigmented enough, and find yourself needing to press down very hard to get results, stop right now. Haus Labs’ brow pencil was formulated with creamy, micronized pigments, yielding superior, even payoff with every stroke—there is never any need to press down hard, and the pencil will never pull or tug. If you’re still experiencing unhealthy brows, it could be a number of reasons, but chances are your eyebrow pencil isn’t one of them.

You may be getting too much skincare and makeup into your brows. Rich creams and foundations may actually clog your pores and seep into the follicles, causing hair to fall out or grow more slowly. Try massaging coconut oil into your brows a half hour before washing your face, and only massage your cream into the bare skin surrounding your brows. If you’re an avid brow gel user, be careful which formula you’re using—stiff gel can make your brow hairs brittle and cause more damage than good. Also, make sure you’re not tugging on the hairs over and over with your brush, and try a product that conditions, or a gel that doesn't dry stiff— just holds them in place while keeping them soft to the touch. Over-tweezing is the biggest culprit for overworked brows. Try putting the tweezers down for a few weeks (months, if you can) to get some natural growth back. If you absolutely have to tweeze, never do it in a magnifying mirror—stick to a regular mirror with dim lighting. Also, make sure you’re tweezing after a shower, when the follicles are open and your hair is softer, to minimize damage down the road.

How do Beginners Fill In Eyebrows?

When applying pigment to your eyebrows, precision is key. Use very light strokes for wispy, natural-looking hair. Towards the “tail” or your brow (towards your temple rather than your nose), increase saturation by re-tracing your strokes for a realistic-looking result. Comb through your brow with a spoolie after you’ve applied your color to evenly distribute the pigment.  Haus Labs’ brow pencil has the spoolie built in!

To shape your brows so they look natural, there are a few alignment tricks. Your brows should align with the top bridge of your nose—use a ruler the first few times as you’re learning your perfect brow shape. Then, take a pencil and align it vertically against the side of your nose, tilting it away until it lines up with the outside of your eye. Your eyebrow should end wherever the top of the pencil is.

Keep in mind that when eyebrows are too short, they’ll make your nose look bigger, and if too long, they’ll make your eyes look smaller. And at the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference.

We’ll leave you with this—eyebrows are sisters, not twins. Don’t stress over identical shapes—it’ll only end badly for you, especially if you’re plucking away.