Reusable Armor Stickers For Face And Body



In collaboration with Face Lace by Phyllis Cohen, our reusable ARMOR MASQUE NO. 1 stickers bring next-level, professional artistry to any look instantly. 

A favorite of makeup artist Sarah Tanno to use on Lady Gaga for fast, backstage makeup changes, these reusable stickers in a black shimmer finish transform any look to expert level in seconds. Designed to flatter every face and eye shape, these long-wearing, multi-piece stickers can be mixed and matched for endless creations.


Polyethylene (Cas#  9002-88-4), Acrylates Copolymer

1 sheet
Weight: 0.5


  1. Start with clean, bare skin. Note that ARMOR MASQUE NO. 1 won't adhere to makeup or silicone-based products. 
  2. Begin the application with the top of the sticker. Gently place it inside your brow bone, close to your nose. This look can be worn as a brow cover. 
  3. To switch it up, lower the application down to the crease of your eye. 
  4. Lightly pat the sticker to set it into place on the skin, being careful to not press too hard on brow hair area.
  5. Align the bottom stickers underneath the lower lash line and gently pat into place to complete the look. 
  6. When you're ready to remove ARMOR MASQUE NO. 1, very gently pull away from skin, starting from the inside out, in the same direction as hair growth, and place back on the original side of the paper to reuse.


For a Louder Look: 

To switch up the look of ARMOR MASQUE NO. 1, simply adjust the placement of each separate sticker. The stickers can be styled as brow covers when applied just under the brow bone (without adding the bottom stickers), or lowered toward the crease of the eye for a different vibe. Play with the placement and the looks are endless.

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"This product was inspired by my look at the Super Bowl. I wanted to bring the makeup artistry and instant transformation to you that powered me through those moments."

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Lady Gaga


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