Natural-Looking Eyebrow Pencils For Perfectly Defined Brows

STYLECASTER: Natural-Looking Eyebrow Pencils For Perfectly Defined Brows

Many makeup artists believe that your eyebrows are the centerpiece of your face—any beauty look, for that matter—and that they help frame your facial features, making everything look a bit more flattering. However, if you weren’t exactly dealt a lucky set of cards when it comes to full brows, relying on products to fake your way through is the key. With years of practice and plenty of testing brow-enhancing products, I’ve effectively learned how to fake my way to full brows, and have discovered some of the best eyebrow products for sparse brows in the process. The first place to start to fill in gaps and create a fuller look is with a fine tip brow pencil—and preferably, a long-wearing one.

Eyebrow pencils give you a solid, yet blendable line to work with, serving as the foundation of your brow look if you should choose to top it off with fiber-filled gels, pigmented powders or pomades to finish off the look and set the look in place. Whether you’re blessed with delightfully bushy brows and looking for a few products to keep them groomed and in control, or have barely anything to work with, these trusty brow products will keep them looking full and groomed.