POPSUGAR: I Tried the Haus Labs Hybrid Lip Oil Stain: It's More Moisturizing Than My Lip Balms

I can appreciate the look of a bold pigmented matte lip, but I'm glad that the high-shine glossy trend is back. For someone who constantly has dry lips, a glossy lip provides the moisture and hydration my lips need while looking fabulous. However, wearing protective face masks makes my gloss and lip color go all over my face. I needed something that gave my lips a flush of color while nourishing them with hydration and moisture. Thanks to the Haus Laboratories PhD Hybrid Lip Oil Stain ($24), I found my new summer go-to lip product.

When you first apply the lip oil stain, it easily glides onto the lips with a rich and moisturizing consistency. After a few minutes, the lightweight formula sinks into your lips, nourishing it like a hydrating serum. Formulated with prickly pear oil, plant squalane, vegan collagen, and a plant peptide complex, it's no wonder my lips felt soft, supple, and nourished. Haus Laboratories PhD Hybrid Lip Oil Stain ($24) worked better than most of my lip balms , giving me all-day moisture without feeling heavy or sticky. In fact, the high-shine glossy finish made my lips look plump and ultra-hydrating, like I got a subtle dose of lip fillers.