How Lady Gaga Gets Glam For The Holidays, According To Her Makeup Arti

BUSTLE: How Lady Gaga Gets Glam For The Holidays, According To Her Makeup Artist — EXCLUSIVE

Lady Gaga got you a present. I know, I know — the holidays have only just begun, but the thoughtful and creative singer-turned-actress-turned-beauty-entrepreneur and Sarah Tanno, her longtime makeup artist and the Global Artistry Director for HAUS LABORATORIES worked together to create the perfect eyeshadow palette for your everyday needs. Even better? If you're in the Los Angeles area from Dec. 5 through Dec. 6, you'll be able to play with and swatch Glam Room Palette No. 1 at the HAUS LABORATORIES x Amazon Beauty pop-up at the Grove. And because Gaga and Tanno want you to take festive to the next level, there will also be a slew of other gorgeous holiday launches that you will absolutely need for getting glam this season.

Gaga fans might expect blinding glitter and in-your-face color from a HAUS LABORATORIES holiday collection. And while there is a Red Sparkle Lipstick you won't be able to stop staring at and a silver Glam Attack Liquid Eyeshadow that will seriously scintillate, Tanno tells me she and Gaga wanted to make a cohesive collection of beauty goodies that you will use beyond New Year's Eve, starting with the brand's very first eyeshadow palette, which I got an exclusive peek at.