First Look at Lady Gaga’s New Makeup Products | HAUS LABORATORIES

WWD: First Look at Lady Gaga’s New Makeup Products

Lady Gaga sees your face-tuned beauty ideals, and she wants to smash them. That, essentially, is the message of her new beauty business, Haus Laboratories.

It’s a venture-capital backed start-up that Gaga created to bring her vision of beauty to the world.

The winner of nine Grammys, two Golden Globes and an Oscar said she never felt beautiful until after she dropped out of college, moved to the Lower East Side and found a group of people who expressed themselves with makeup and fashion. They inspired her, she explained in an interview with WWD.

“Everybody looked completely different, but everybody was expressing themselves through their makeup and through their fashion and how they carried themselves and through their art,” Gaga said. “I just remember going to the drugstore one day, picking up a bunch of different things and going home and sitting in front of the mirror and really asking myself, ‘How do you see yourself?’ And then I went to work.”