Your First Look at Lady Gaga's Entire Haus Laboratories | HAUS LABORATORIES

ALLURE: Exclusive - Your First Look at Lady Gaga's Entire Haus Laboratories Beauty Line

Lady Gaga is crying. It's 5:30 on a Sunday afternoon in late June, and we're talking about her long-rumored, long-awaited beauty line: Haus Laboratories. Lady Gaga, a beauty icon and heroine to so many, is telling me about her own inspirations. When she gets to her makeup artist, Sarah Tanno, her voice cracks: "I love Sarah so much. She's literally picked me up off the floor and put makeup on my face to change my whole day. I made this with her."

And here's your first look at the three high-impact, high-pigment (what did you expect?) formulas that Lady Gaga and Tanno have created: RIP Lip Liner, Le Riot Lip Gloss, and the star of the show, a liquid-to-powder shimmer called Glam Attack. Each one comes in six shades and — as the world just learned this week — they will be available to preorder (in sets of two and three) beginning on July 15, starting at 3 a.m. ET. (They will ship at the line's planned September launch.)