How To Remove Eye Makeup

How To Remove Eye Makeup

Your eyes are the most sensitive part of your face, with the thinnest surrounding skin—you should be taking special care of what you’re putting on and around them! While makeup wipes are good in a pinch, there are a few alternatives that are even better to add to your routine, and all of them are budget-friendly. 

What You’ll Learn:

Easiest Way to Remove Eye Makeup

You spent enough time mastering your eye glam —removing makeup should never be a very time-consuming or difficult process. None of the methods of eye makeup removal are difficult. Vaseline, baby oil, and cleansers formulated to remove eye makeup are the most efficient products when it comes to eye makeup removal. 

A few key points to remember:

Take your time. Especially with waterproof liners (hello EYE-DENTIFY GEL PENCIL EYELINERS by Haus Labs) and waterproof mascara, you’ll want to let your makeup remover sit and break down the makeup products before you wipe. This will prevent friction from damaging the skin around your eyes and pulling out your eyelashes. 

Flat cotton pads are better than cotton balls. Cotton balls can break down and leave fibers on your lashes and skin that may lead to irritation. Quilted, flat cotton pads cover more surface area and are gentler on skin. 

Follow makeup removal with hydration. The delicate skin around your eyes dries out easily; keeping it soft and hydrated will help prevent wrinkles and irritation. 

Is Baby Oil Safe to Remove Eye Makeup?

Yes, baby oil is a great method in removing eye makeup, but be careful not to get it in your eyes, as it can lead to irritation. (It’s also a good idea to spot-test somewhere less sensitive if your skin is unfamiliar with these products.) Baby oil not only easily breaks down eye makeup products (even waterproof), it also is a great hydrator. Because it’s occlusive, it locks moisture in by reducing trans-epidermal water loss and creating a protective barrier between your skin and the environment. More baby oil uses can be found here.

Can I Use Vaseline to Remove Eye Makeup?

To remove eye makeup completely, take a small amount of petroleum jelly on your finger and massage the eye area until all your eye makeup breaks down. Clean away with a cotton pad, and wash your face with your preferred face cleanser. Vaseline is also great for correcting any makeup application mishaps—all you do is dab a thin layer on a cotton swab and wipe the areas you don’t want makeup pigment. Vaseline is a great method for eye makeup removal because it is inexpensive, can moisturize, smooth and even out your skin, and can even make your eyelashes fuller and more lush. It is known to prevent signs of aging without clogging pores or causing breakouts. 

Pro-tip: To transform powder eye shadows (like Haus Labs’ GLAM ROOM PALETTE NO. 1: FAME) into creamy, extra-pigmented color, mix them with a tiny amount of petroleum jelly. 

When using petroleum jelly, try to avoid getting it inside of your eyes—it might temporarily blur your eyesight. If it does accidentally get in your eyes, rinse carefully with warm water. 

Can I Use Baby Shampoo to Remove Eye Makeup?

Short answer: yes. It might sting a little if it gets in your eyes, but using baby shampoo is a perfectly safe and efficient way to remove eye makeup. Simply use a dime-sized amount on wet hands, massaging into the eye area carefully after letting it sit for a minute to begin breaking down the product. Rinse well with lukewarm water, and continue with your toners, serums, and moisturizers. 

What is the Easiest Way to Remove Mascara?

Removing mascara follows the same general rules as discussed in reference to general eye makeup remover. Using baby oil, olive oil, grape seed oil or coconut oil work best for removing waterproof mascara and other eye makeup. Simply saturate a cotton pad with your preferred oil, press it onto your eye to begin dissolving the mascara, and wipe downward to remove the product.

How Can I Remove Eye Makeup Naturally?

All natural oils work to break down and remove eye makeup safely and efficiently. You can even make your own DIY blend by following this recipe. There are also a number of natural eye makeup removal products on the market, depending on your needs. A quick Google search will help you find the natural eye makeup remover best for you.

Best Way to Remove Eye Makeup for Sensitive Eyes

Micellar water is at the top of the list for sensitive skin eye makeup removal, because it contains no alcohol and is only formulated with micelle molecules that attach to the makeup and dirt to break it down. Petroleum jelly is also highly recommended for those with sensitive eyes, as detailed a few paragraphs above. 


There are many methods of safely removing eye makeup, and it ultimately depends on the person. Oils, petroleum jelly, and special cleansers formulated to remove eye makeup are all viable, efficient options, and won’t break the bank or damage the eye area.